Released: Apr 2016


  1. I Got Married
  2. Everlasting Heart
  3. Piano Cry
  4. No Matter What It Takes
  5. I'm Not Good Enough
  6. Lost In Love
  7. I Don't Remember
  8. Sacrifice
  9. You Got Me
  10. The Most Blissful Thing
  11. Heartfelt(Duet with Raymond Lam)
  12. Swear
  13. Little Story(Duet with Steven Ma)
  14. Cruelty Has Love
  15. Timing Is Everything(Duet with Hubert Wu)
  16. The Blessing Song

Theme Song of TVB drama "Kid's Live Matter"

Digital Single

Interlude Song of TVB drama "Heart and Greed 3"

Theme Song of TVB drama "L'Escargot"

Theme Song of TVB drama "L'Escargot"

(Duet with Ron Ng)

Theme Song of TVB drama "A Watchdog's Tale"

(Duet with Steven Ma)

Theme Song of TVB drama "Best Bet"

Theme Song of "Animal Yokocho"


Rotunda 3, KITEC


Arena of Stars,


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