Date:18 April 2017
Title:To my ever so loyal and supportive fans


Hi my dearest fans, 

my life has changed so drastically in 2015-2017. I have missed you guys and this forum and this lovely built fans page.  How have you all been? I assume you've all had your lows and highs in these past years. but I do hope you are all still managing or better yet doing well if not SUPER.  As you all know I've moved back to Vancouver and made my own family that consists of my husband Jeremy and baby Kelly.  It has been a challenging but happy transition. I've learned so much and never knew I could handle a household so well.  I guess it was perfect time for me to grow up.  I've worked in TVB for 13 years now and wow has it been an amazing ride.  I've gained a name, fortune, entertainment and social skills and most importantly I was able to make people happy.  Like I said you all are my extended family in HK and around the world.   I wouldn't feel so good or confident or important without the acknowledgement and support of you guys.  Thank you for being my back up and raising me up whenever I needed you guys.  I really appreciate it.  Honestly, I do want to continue my entertainment career and want to be there for you guys more.  Please be patient with me, as I'm still on my little break in building a solid foundation with my new family.  I will be back out one day maybe not as full time but at least will try to have some more work.  I'm in the process of discussing some projects for this year.  So I am really excited.  I wonder how everything work out in the end.  I do believe God sent me from Vancouver to HK to work in entertainment for a much bigger reason.  I cant wait to find out what it is.  In the meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy the time I have right now.  May all of you have peace in your heart, love around you no matter at school, work, or at home, good mental and physical health, safety at all times, and a strong strength in whatever obstacles or daily challenges you have to overcome.  I really mean it.  I wish you all well.  And I really hope to see you all soon again.  Thank you for accepting me and truly supporting me thru my ups and downs, and times when I don't do as well or look my best.  Life is such a constant learning process, whether in friendships, family, marriage, taking care of yourself, trying to do good in the world.  Life is so amazing.  Have an open heart, keep learning, never give up, everything will be ok.  





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