About Us

Linda Chung Official Website is officially opened on March 2011. This website is established with acknowledgement by Linda Chung, with its operations being fully and solely managed by Linda Garden, whose area of management also include all activities concerning Linda Chung. The following arrangement was made with the approval of Linda Chung and her manager. It is hoped that the establishment of the Linda Chung Official Website would serve as a source of news regarding Linda Chung, and also an avenue to bridge the gap between the fans and Linda herself. However, the most important aim of the website is to gather fans of Linda Chung in their support for her.


How to become a member?

All you need to do is to register at “Linda Garden Forum” with no registration fee required. However for certain functions that would require a payment before a ticket is issued to you, the funds collected will be for the following purpose:

1) Boards and banners

2) Light Boards and its maintenance fee

3) Purchasing of batteries (for light boards and light sticks)


Member Benefits:

• Being able to participate in Linda Fan Gatherings

• Priority for function tickets 

• Priority at events for photo taking and autograph from Linda (depending on circumstances)

• Being able to participate in the fanclub's pre-ordering of albums 


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