Name in Chinese:鍾嘉欣

Name in English:Linda Chung Ka Yan

Height:5’8’’ (173cm)

Date of Birth:9th April

Place of Birth:Vancouver, Canada

Educational Level:University of British Columbia, Second Year Student (Educational)

Languages:English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Showbiz Expedition:Participated in Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant in 2003 and emerged as the winner. This was followed by the Miss Chinese International 2004 title, a pageant that was held in Hong Kong, before being formally engaged as one of the artistes under TVB till 2017 when the contract officially ended.

Bio-Essence (Skin Care)

Tian Yuan Xiang (Chicken Essence)

New Beauty

-2015 JSG Selection Round 2:Song Awarded《Everlasting Heart》

-TVB Anniversary Awards:Mainland Popular TVB Drama Female Artist

-Singapore StarHub TVB Awards 2015:My Favourite TVB Female Character - (Tiger Cubs II-Chung Wai Yan)

-Singapore StarHub TVB Awards 2015:BottomSlim the Prefect Figure Award

-TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015:My Favourite Top 16 TVB Drama Characters - (Limelight Years-Szeto Dik Dik)

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